Paperbacks vs. eReader

I constantly find myself on “the horns of a dilemma”.  Paperback or eReader?  When I first got my eReader, I was over the moon!  It felt as though I literally had the entire literary world at my finger tips!  I must admit, I do love my eReader for that reason, convenience.  But after sometime I found that I missed the smell and the feel of a real book.  I missed getting lost in the bookstore on the hunt for a new book or three.  But with paperback books, comes another problem…lack of space for keeping said books!  In a perfect world, I would live in a house with bookshelves on every wall.  But, alas, I do not.  Back to the eReader for a moment, and its level of convenience, eventually the eReader dies and must be charged.  Which in my humble opinion is not so convenient.  So back to my original quandary, paperback or eReader???  Perhaps I’ll never know… What are your opinions??? 


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